A second look at mourning and moving on after losing a loved one.

Who wants to lose a loved one? I am sure that no one does. But,if losing someone we love will relive them of the burden of suffering or would you be willing to let them go? If you could keep them alive a long as you choose but they had to continue suffering. Would you keep them live for your own sake would and rationalize that you are doing it for their sake and not yours. I wanted to play devils advocate so people will evaluate the process of mourning.It is okay to mourn and grieve. But,before we allow ourselves to suffer too much,ask yourself,”How would my loved one want me to live my life from this day forward?” Have [...]

Jan 22, 2013
Matt Rose

How to design your own funeral card

You can easily make some extra cash through designing and selling funeral cards. Basically, designing funeral cards is not usually that difficult. To add on, by designing beautiful cards, you will be able to easily make a kill in the market since many people, especially those who are grieving, usually look for cards that clearly bring out the respect they have to the deceased and their families. So how do you come up with your own funeral cards?

Jan 22, 2013
Matt Rose

How To Move On After You Have Lost A Loved One?

The hardest thing you have to do after losing a loved one is to move on in your life and act as if everything is normal. Even though the grief is all consuming and you feel as if you have been plunged into a dark abyss and there is not a tiny beacon of hope, still you have to get on with your life. You still exist and that warrants some effort on your part to keep going. Life will never be the same without that special person. But, you have to live your life as before and that is what the departed person would have wanted for you. 

Aug 29, 2012
Matt Rose

The Art of the Sympathy Cards

It is an art to perfect Sympathy Cards There’s a dying art in our culture that can still be tapped into if you’re looking to give some real heart and soul to a friend in need. That art is that of the sympathy card. In our digital age, it’s becoming more and more rare for people to take the time to hand write anything. When a loved one takes the time to truly write a heart felt sympathy card, it can go a long way and let that person know that you’re truly with them in their suffering. We’re becoming a more and more disconnected society, and people need to feel that touch when they’re in a time of need. [...]


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